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6U + 4U MiniRaQ Convertible - Tall 6U + 4U MiniRaQ Convertible - Tall 6U + 4U MiniRaQ Convertible - Tall
Item No. MRQ301V10

The 10U MiniRaQ Convertible Tall is a wallmount rack that includes a 4.5" deep backplate and (2) 4U side panels. The upper section of the backplate features a 4U space dedicated for installation of up to 96 ports of patch panel hardware. The 4U side panels are capable of holding over 400 lbs. of equipment mounted in a vertical orientation. Internal to the backplate is set of 2U rails that can also be used for installation of equipment in a vertical orientation. These 2U rails line up perfectly with the side panels enabling installation of equipment that starts on the 2U internal rails and ends on the side panels. This open rack extends only 11.8" from the wall and can accommodate rackmount equipment with any depth/length. Three pairs of removal access plates on the top, bottom, and lower sides of the backplate can be used for routing of large data cable bundles or power cable routing. These rectangular plates can also be replaced with many of our MiniRaQ options further increasing the capabilities of the MiniRaQ. An integrated level and grounding lug assures that a single technician can quickly & accurately install the MiniRaQ and properly ground all installed equipment. The 10U Convertible Tall model can be upgraded in the field to any SECURE Tall model. All MiniRaQ products are modular and qualify for shipment via UPS or FedEx Ground, eliminating the need for a costly liftgate or forklift at the delivery site.


Price: $469.00 USD

Configuration MiniRaQ Convertible Tall
Total Rack Units Available 10U
Rack Units for Equipment Mounted Vertically 4U
Rack Units for Patch Panel at Top of Backplate 4U
Bonus Rack Units Internal to Backplate 2U
Bonus Rack Units External to Backplate N/A
Backplate Depth 4.5"
Max Height 38.1"
Max Width 19.6"
Max Depth 11.8"
Shipping Weight Box1/Box2 40 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions Box1/Box2 16"(H) x 40"(W) x 22"(D)
Upgradeable to Secure Model Yes
Made in the USA Yes
Max Equipment Depth without Standoffs N/A
Max Equipment Depth with Standoffs N/A
Cooling Fan Tray N/A
Integrated Grounding Stud Yes
Integrated Cable Mgmt (Back Plate) Yes
Color Black

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