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Our entry-level product is an open frame wallmount rack. All OPEN models feature a rugged, low-profile design that is capable of holding 400 lbs. of equipment. As with all MiniRaQ products, equipment is mounted vertically in the OPEN models significantly reducing the wall space & clearances required to install the rack. All OPEN models feature 2U of dedicated space for patch panel hardware.

The OPEN models feature our lowest price point and are available with 4U, 6U, 8U or 10U side panels.

Includes: Backplate (2.5″ Deep) and Side Panels.

Features: 2U Dedicated Space for Patch Panel at top of Backplate.

MiniRaq Open vertical wallmount rack enclosure
NameDescriptionThumbnailStock statusPriceBuy

4U + 2U Standard MiniRaQ

MRQ100V06 vertical wallmount rack enclosureIn stock$269.00

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MRQ100V06 vertical wallmount rack enclosure

6U + 2U Standard MiniRaQ

MRQ100V08 vertical wallmount rack enclosureOut of stock$289.00
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8U + 2U Standard MiniRaQ

MRQ100V10 vertical wallmount rack enclosure
Out of stock$319.00
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10U + 2U Standard MiniRaQ

MRQ100V12 vertical wallmount rack enclosure
Out of stock$339.00
Out of stock